Black Man Dressed As “White Privilege” Shot By Neighbor When Mistaken For...

Black Man Dressed As “White Privilege” Shot By Neighbor When Mistaken For KKK Member



“Mayonnaise… it was a jar of Mayonnaise”

said 79-year-old Willie Stokes to a news 11 reporter after he mistaken 25-year-old Travis Williams for a member of the KKK and accidentally shot Williams in the leg. Travis took it upon himself to dress as “WHITE PRIVILEGE” but things seem to have backfired on him when Stokes caught him cutting through his back yard.

“Baby powder, Black & Mild’s and a Mix-Tape”

A Macon County State Trooper was first on the scene where he found Williams covered in baby powder and blood along with the contents listed above. Williams screamed out to the trooper “please don’t shoot me I’m white privilege, no charges are being filed on Mr. Stokes. He went on to say he hope William’s learned a valuable lesson from this, Willie Stoke don’t give a shit if you black or white,

  • Echo Davey

    This is false. He never killed the cat. The photo does seem kinda messed up though. I know this guy, it happened in florida. Google it. The cat is fine and well taken care of.

  • Reverend-Gertha Atis

    In most countries eating a cat is no big deal. I would not like it if someone eat my cat after I spend all that money on her for years but if someone want to eat their own cat who cares. At least they were not hungry for a night. The Bible did not find him guilty of eating it, so why should we. Animals were made to be eating after all.

  • Revrend Ray

    Winner, winner.
    Chicken dinner.
    Cat; the other, other white meat.

  • morty007

    this mans cant he get a job and buy real food its a disgrace and to hell with you to say its his animal anyway when you have to start shooting your pets and eating them they there is something very wrong that the people haveto do this to survive

  • Im just the janitor

    I mean Its his cat

  • Giselle Freude

    People are hypocrites. They can’t stand it when pet animals like cats or dogs are killed and eaten, but when it’s farm animals, it’s no big deal.

    • Jeremiah Chafins

      I have room for all of gods creatures, right next to the taters and gravy

    • Ryan Matthews

      Because farm animals aren’t “house pets” most farm animals are used for working or food. There’s a difference between a cow and a cat, food and friendship

    • woodsterwood

      what about the vegies that are ripped from their roots and covered in chemicals huh? how can sleep at night when thousands of taties and carrots ETC.. being taken from the birthplace! Thinking with your belly and not your mind! jk jk i agree with Ryan mathews theres a big difference between love of dogs and cat etc than farm animal that are bred for food and reproducing, house animals are in out control they mainly (depends what animal) they do what u want meant for work and not for eating (depends what country your in) so no ones a hypocrite what make it hypocritical is that your one the trying to point it out when you probs a meat eater yourself…so you point is completely invalid. So i think you should think before u post soemert?

  • Ali

    this world has gone to hell in a hand basket.

  • Janie Crawford

    that’s what I thought its an animal. He shot it and cooked it. What’s in humane about that. I wouldn’t kill a cat and eat it but it is meat. He can eat what he wants. Just no humans.

  • Jerry Adams

    If he killed the animal and ate it .. how is that a mistreatment of an animal? Just thinking out loud

    • Michael DeVido

      It was probably someone’s pet.

      • bb

        it clearly states it was his own cat