Jay Z Warns Nicki Minaj “Keep Beyoncé Name Out Your Mouth, Fight...

Jay Z Warns Nicki Minaj “Keep Beyoncé Name Out Your Mouth, Fight Your Own Battles”


“All I’m saying is if your gonna do a diss record don’t use my wife name she’s a saint and she ain’t to be mentioned in your petty rap beefs”

Everyone knows the clock is ticking for nicki Minaj after Remy Ma Cooked her like a steak in her diss song Shether. Nicki was planning a response diss using the Jay-Z song “Take Over” and released a snippet of the diss on her Instagram using Beyoncé voice.

Jay- Z didn’t like that very much and sent word out to cease and desist any further use of his wife’s name in a song. We reached out to remy ma to see what she thought about all this:

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“That bitch is dead I Ethered that Ho, now she sucking Future off tryna get hot again I got that bitch going in circles, Jay and B won’t help you in this you better tell your ghost writers prepare for your funeral cuz my next track “Child’s Play” is coming and that will be the nail in your coffin Ho” —Remy Ma

  • stone

    fuck jay z

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      I bet u would