Lesbian Leaves Her Wife for a Man “I’m Tired of that Plastic...

Lesbian Leaves Her Wife for a Man “I’m Tired of that Plastic I Need that Real Meat”


“The only reason I got with my wife was because she walked, talked, and acted like a Man, but that plastic dild0 ain’t working for me I need that Real Meat”

Said Keshia Pullman on instagram letting her followers know she’s looking for a Real man not an imitation of one.

Her instagram followers voiced there opinions and they were both negative and positive based on gay/straight lines. The LGBT crowd called her a trader but the straight women and men applauded her for deciding to come back home.

“I think I found what I been missing in Jamal he is an alpha male a real man this don’t bleed every month and ain’t pretending he something he’s not, and that d*ck is so good, I don’t see how any woman can settle for that wack @ss dild0 meat, y’all gay hoes better wake up you don’t know what you missin”

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  • TinaJ


  • Lifetime GANG GREEN!

    “Strap On” spelled backwards is “No Parts!!!”

    • Judie Holtz Welch

      ^^^Pretty funny, that!^^^

  • Reverse Racist

    lmfao whyyyy are yall replying to this like its real

  • Derek Mullings

    I’m considering going back to being a lesbian.

  • Keep it 100!!!

    Good for her, but men will be on the streets now with signs saying …”got that real meat for sale”..and I guess it’s “their” perrogative…kmsl!!!!

  • Mesha Vickers

    If that’s what she wanted…that’s good…more power to her…But don’t go in about something that she was already aware of

  • Yolanda Pat Burks

    she wasnt gay in the first place she said she got with her because she looked walked and acted like a man, this gay thing is a fad for a lot of women

    • Alissa Cape


  • Esgran Jhann

    I feel it’s her decision, just like if somebody wants to be gay same as if they wanna go straight so why is the LGBT community mad really, let her be her!

    • Mansa Dre Day I

      Cause they are str8phobic

      • tknow3

        Good one!

  • Jesse

    I think you meant their and traitor….

    • Follow @offensivedialog

      Likely not. What they actually meant was “they’re a traitor.” “Their and traitor” denotes possession and conjunction of a sentence which makes no sense. I’d honestly suggest going back to your hard labor job, teaching is not your calling.

      • Tara Bush

        You should read the entire article again to see the incorrect use of a word, and see where the spelling is incorrect, so you may see what Jesse was attempting to correct.
        The first two sentences in the second paragraph contain those errors.
        Perhaps you need your glasses.

        • Jesse

          Perhaps he should go back to his hard labor job. Grammar is obviously not their calling.

          • Dakate

            I was like is this person for real haha? You are correct Jesse. It should have been their and traitor lol.

          • Jesse

            I totally came back and reread it, expecting to eat some humble pie, but no. I guess maybe they too were left by their same sex partner for a opposite sex partner and are taking it out on me.

        • Evangelina Crumble

          Right, no one is sticking to the point. So let’s continue reading on about the grammar lessons lol

      • Yeshima Phillips

        Reread the passage before passing judgements

      • Cassandra Assanah

        Voiced their opinion (not there) & the LGBT community called her a traitor (not trader) unless they meant she traded the p for the d.

        • Mansa Dre Day I

          Lhh good one

        • Jodie Lee Heaney

          They did mean to write trader, as she traded a woman for a man

      • Jodie Lee Heaney

        It is actually meant to say trader, she traded a woman for a man. That’s what it means

    • Michelle MaBelle Chin

      You are correct, Jesse!

    • Jodie Lee Heaney

      No they did mean trader, she traded

  • Ladyj Badgurlzceo

    Enjoy it while u can caused based on your talk ur relationship is all about sex which means it’s shallow as fuck and that meat u love so much u gonna be sharing with about 5 other women or more hope ur lesbian pussy ready for STDs bitch ….and I hope u ready to have 5 kids u can’t take care and other baby mamas he bring in the picture which I guarantee he probably already have….Don’t shit on lesbians bitch BC the lifestyle of being with meat come with a shit load of baggage and problems hope he’s not gay or molest children bitch better look at the whole picture and the character of that man more then MEAT stupid dumb ass

  • Jerry Potts

    U dam right

  • Sheila Aegerter

    Who the F wrote this article? My eleven years old can write better!