Missouri Doctor Decapitates Baby During Birth. Tries To Cover It Up By...

Missouri Doctor Decapitates Baby During Birth. Tries To Cover It Up By Shoving It Back Inside Mother & Performs C-Section. Couple Suing.


A Missouri couple is suing their doctor after he decapitated their baby during birth, then tried to cover it up by shoving the baby back inside the mother’s birth canal and performing an emergency c-section.


Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette, of Florissant, filed a 10-count complaint in St. Louis County Circuit Court last month against Dr. Gilbert Webb, Dr. Susan Moore, Midwest Maternal & Fetal Medicine Services and Signature Medical Group.

The couple claims they were told by Moore in February 2011 that the baby would have to be delivered by caesarian because his abdomen was too large for a normal birth, according to the New York Daily News.

Betts went into labor 28 weeks into what is normally a 40-week pregnancy.


When the couple arrived at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center in March 2011, Dr. Webb refused to perform a C-section.


St. John’s Mercy Medical Center


The complaint indicates Webb “would not agree” to the Cesarean and “would only agree to deliver her baby by way of attempted trial of vaginal delivery,” according to Florissant.Patch.com.


Believing that she had no other choice than to agree to a trial of vaginal delivery, plaintiff Arteisha Betts consented to a trial of vaginal delivery under duress and protest,” according to the complaint.


During the procedure the baby’s head delivered in the first stage, but in the second stage his body got stuck. Webb applied pressure trying to pull the baby out and “separated decedent Kaden Travis Ammonette’s head from his cervical spine.”


Blood from the arteries and veins in decedent’s neck shot out, splattered and/or spilled out into the labor and delivery room in plain view of Betts and Ammonette,” according to the complaint.


In an attempt to cover up what he had done, Webb pushed the baby back inside Betts’ birth canal and called for an emergency C-section. Webb was in such a hurry he started cutting Betts’ stomach before the anesthesia had fully kicked in causing her great pain and suffering.


During the C-section Webb “surgically and completely removed” the baby’s head from his neck and torso. Webb then tried to cover up the baby’s wounds before handing him to his parents, but it’s not clear in the complaint how he did this.


Betts got a tattoo of her sons hand prints honoring him.

The couple accuses the defendants of wrongful death and negligence and is seeking unspecified damages.

  • Brandy

    My heart goes out to family truly. I and my family have been dealing with something like this for going on 7 years. My brother Xzavier Posey got wrongfully convicted of killing his own child. We are in the middle of fighting this battle against the state of Iowa. The doctor pulled on the baby’s head for 2 1/2 hrs in the middle of delivery with the clamps while the child was stuck under the mother’s pelvic bone and right after we brought the baby home Xzavier Posey Jr was having problems. #1 what new born baby do you know has to be woken to be fed every time all he did
    was sleep. I wish I could talk to this family personally it’s a nightmare! !!!

  • ranndavis

    This is crazy ….He should go to jail .if u cant trust your Dr .to do rite…he was wrong .and should have been a man and confessed …yes she could have made a nouther child but it wouldn’t replace that one its a hard thing to loose a baby .my aon 22mon by the hands of a 13 dr.s but in my heart I knew it was their fault..was to bussy sterio typeing me not knowing I was in nursing school. .so all that came back to them like they gave it to me ….well I did have 6 more after that and wouldn’t change nothing .well my sons death changed some new hospital rules with toddlers. So He died for a good cause …AMEN

  • Joe

    I hope All these people complaining about this are against abortion because this is no different from an abortion. Except The parents didn’t want an abortion. A child from the time of conception IS a life. That egg that was in my daughter ended up being my beautiful grandson. I could not imagine murdering him. Only time an abortion should be legal is when a women becomes pregnant from a rap. Not cause they feel like taking someone life that has no chance to defend themselves. That is how I feel.

  • Michael Andrew Madden

    Hmmmm, not the time to lose one’s head, that’s not the way to get ahead in life, It’s a shame he wasn’t more headstrong, he’ll never be the head of a major corporation, I don’t think I will beheading to that doctor in a hurry… Okay well, that’s that.

  • Gabrielle Brown

    Death Chair!

  • miked9746

    You people do know that this is FAKE, correct??!! Judging by all of the comments….. I will assume that you don’t!!

  • Bree Zee

    I can’t imagine the amount of pressure that would be required to sever the neck. And then to put the child back inside?? It’s just dumbfounding. My thoughts are with these parents.

  • LoveMeImKai

    Why do people do stupid shit like this? What is wrong with people? How are you going to kill an innocent preemie, and on top of that, think that you can successfully cover that bullshit up. This nigga really needs Jesus. Although I’m not sure that will help him much… he’s probably got a one way ticket to hell any ways.

  • Digi Tal

    I live in St. Louis, and have never heard anything about this until today.

    I really don’t think this is true.

  • A. Noid

    Guess deserves the diaper change it so badly needs, in a few days anyway!

  • A. Noid

    It’s very obvious that the one posting as “guest” is a troll and is trying IT’s best to get people agitated so they respond. Which makes the poor little basement dweller happy and provides IT with a source of entertainment! My guess, maybe 13 to 17 years old, lonely, no friends and has absolutely nothing better to do with IT’s time! A perfect reason post birth abortion should be legalized for cases such as that useless lump of flesh!

  • Danielle Nicole Reed
  • CornbreadDamnitCornbread

    If you believe this story, slap yourself….

  • Kiki

    I’m not sure I believe this story. If the Dr. decapitated the head of the decedent how could he hand the baby over to the parents. ALSO, the article states he pulled the baby’s head off during the vaginal birth. Then at the end of the article it says he removed the head during c-section. If the head was decapitated the Dr. Would NEVER NEVER NEVER hand the baby to the parents.

    • Donna Farrell Seguin

      When someone is decapitated it doesn’t necessarily mean the head is clearly separated from the body to make two pieces. You are decapitated when your head is severed at your spine or back bone and your head is still technically attached by skin, muscle, nerves maybe. This is how I understand it anyway. Any doctors out there to correct me?

      • Sammi0285

        The article states that there was blood spraying out, that would mean the head was torn off. They would never give a child with a severed head to the parents. Yes you can be considered medically decapitated by severing the spinal cord at the head or neck, but in this case, at least how the article describes it, the head would have been severed off. And the human body is designed to push a baby out, but it would’ve been nearly impossible to push the baby back in because of the way the pelvic bone is shaped. Not a dr. Just stating some things I have learned. (Plus the tattoo says 3/22/11, which would mean this happened over 3 years ago if it is true. Not 100% sure if I believe it)

  • mgentry77

    This story has BS written all over it.

  • Cassy Weitzel Smith

    ok, this is some made up bullshit.. absolutely fiction!!!! makes no sence what so ever…..

    • Heather

      It can’t be made up..it’s on the internet.

      • Donna Farrell Seguin


  • Junie

    The Woman was told that she needed a C- Section but when the couple arrived at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center in March 2011, Dr. WEBB REFUSED to perform a C-SECTION… Oh WOW. A mistake he regrets now I’m sure. He forced her to have a Vaginal Delivery ripping the baby’s head off. He was so WRONG that He did everything in his power to cover up his mistake. He was VERY NEGLIGENTand should be prosecuted.

    • Victoria Mitchell

      Everyone needs to be held accountable. This Doctor committed a criminal act. So you and the baby father start now!!!!

  • Guest

    The dumb bitch refused to get a C-section. The doctor tried to deliver the baby under protest from the woman. He tried and shit went wrong. This is no surprise. I would be surprised to find there was any negligence on the doctor or hospital’s part in all this.

    Maybe next time these dipshits will listen to the professionals instead of being idiots.

    • Junie

      He was so WRONG that He did everything in his power to cover up his mistake. He wa VERY NEGLIGENTand should be prosecuted.

    • guest

      You must didn’t read or understand the story. Go back to school.. dumb ass!

      • Britini Teaters-Rogger


        DUMB ASS

        • A. Noid

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    • zeanora81 .

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    • Holly Hayes

      Did you even bother reading the story?

    • Donna Farrell Seguin

      Maybe next time you dipshit will read the article slowly enough for you to understand what is actually printed. She didn’t refuse the c-section the doctor did. They were protesting the vaginal birth dumb bitch.

    • Rachel Granby

      Are you an idiot? It says the total opposite in the article he waa refusing to perform yhe delivery in anyway other than vaginal birthing she was pressured into it

    • A. Noid

      How sad for you “guest. You really have nothing better to do with your time do you? You just sit alone, in that basement and try to aggravate people so they respond and you can have your fun and pretend to be someone. Well, the sad truth is, you are no one and you never will be anyone. The bright side is, as long as Mommy keeps you locked away in that basement, no one in the REAL world will ever have to deal with you in person. Your Mommy is truly doing a huge service for the entire community.

  • Melora Hatchet

    Just cut his head off that is what I would have done.

  • Chastain

    My heart goes out to the parents. Especially close to my heart since my son’s name is also Kaden. May the Lord comfort them.

  • Terra

    Dr Webb was my doctor and delivered my son Gavin who is now 5 iam so discussed that he could do that I hope.he goes to prison. Iam praying for the family iam lucky, my son was born with his intestines on the outside and born 5 weeks early I am so glad nothen bad happened.

  • Lana Franklin

    Please, please, please tell me that this isn’t a true story. Please!!

  • Deondre Coleman

    really who ever heard of a 28 week fetus that was to large to deliver vaginally c’mon think this story is fake as hell

    • Jennifer Howard Ritch

      Sorry to disappoint you but our daughter was born at 23 weeks & weighed 1lb 3oz & was too big for me. But St. Mary’s insisted I have a vaginal delivery even though my regular OB told them I could never deliver naturally. My daughter has a HUGE scar on most of her leg b/c I tore her skin off!!!! And she really didn’t have any to begin with. She’s now 9 yrs old & our Miracle. That hospital also told us she had a less than 10% chance of surviving. Oh & all of this is after we fired 1 of the top specialist from St. Johns!!!

      • Cyndie M Gantner

        u tell em sister

    • know ur facts

      also if u read the story correctly then you will see that the doc informed her before the baby was born that the abdomen was too large for a normal birth. research hunny all babies grow at their own pace and every women body cant handle vaginal child birth

      • guest

        “and every women body cant handle vaginal child birth”
        Then you’re not a fuckin’ woman. You have no business procreating if you can’t pop out a preemie without a C-section. The problem is that you cunts got the right to vote and suddenly think the world revolves around you. You know who never get their babies decapitated? Those that stay in the kitchen.
        Furthermore, it’s a baby, you can always make another one. I roll my eyes when these retards honor a stillborn with pictures or a tattoo. Guess what, bitch? It’s free to make another one.

        • lady

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        • A. Noid

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        • NachealStuck UpTurks

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        • Rosalie King

          Your a dick…another baby can’t replace the one this doctor tore to pieces…and women do so much more to help their husbands & family’s these days than stay in the kitchen barefoot & pregnant….

        • tyler

          Your a piece of shit. Have you ever had a child or carried one? Probably not how do you know how it feels to lose a child even if you never met them that mom carried a life inside her. Shared a body with that baby n you just say whatever u can have another one. U can’t replace a child. Just like if you 10 year old w as Scot pass away you want me to say oh just have another don’t need to get a tattoo. Fuck you you piece of shit you deserve to get urged ass beat just for talking like that. And why didn’t you use urged name? Scared someone will find you and give u a piece of what you deserve.

        • Linda Fenton

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        • guest

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          • lysis777

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        • Shane Mayer

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        • lysis777

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        • petite

          I can’t give vaginal birth because I’m small and it could kill me. How does that make me any less of a woman than someone who could? And just because a woman has a child it doesn’t make her a ‘cunt’. The father of the baby could be the only person who she’s had sexual relations with. I most certainly didn’t think “I can just make another one” when I miscarried when I wasn’t even far enough along to find out what the baby was. Please don’t reproduce. There’s enough ignorant people like you in the world enough as it is.

        • Brandy

          U need to go to hell with that response! ! U have no fucking ideal what that woman is going through ignorant ass fucking people! !!

    • Chano LovelyEvolution Goeh

      I think they said his abdomen was too large. Could have been a medical problem with the baby. I think they knew the baby’s stomach was too large because she wanted a c-section but the Dr refused.

      • Jennifer

        Guys guys guys guys, he PULLED A BABY’S HEAD OFF. Do you not know HOW HARD that is to do? Dr. Strong!

    • Jennifer

      Yeah, this story makes no fucking sense on so many levels. Like it’s that easy to friggin pull a baby’s head off and make blood gush everywhere. I buy that the baby COULD’VE been too large for vaginal birth, but I agree that it’s unlikely…. but the doctor ripped the baby’s head off? This sounds more like something out of that adult swim show. Not to mention, there are a lot of warning flags for a baby to not make it… starting with the premature labor. It sounds to me like they lost the baby and are looking to make a buck off of it. If this story is even true, and not just an utter crock of shit that some bored teenager made up in their bedroom.

      • ignorance is bliss not

        But why would some one carry thier baby for nine months and then decide Oh okay I think we need to make a quick buck. THE DR WAD TOLD SHE NEEDED A C SECTION HE refused and decides he knew best because of his licensing. So no I think he was ignoring protocol #compassionreally

  • Nataly MeAndyou Perez

    Sorry for your lost so bad because we’re celebrating my daughter’s 9 birthday 3/22 feels horrible to find something like this especially about a baby or any kind of child child. He should be sentenced to death.

  • Nicole Bassett-Cecil

    My husband wants and could tear his head off he knew it premieres and delicate and still tried to pull the baby out

    • Donna Farrell Seguin

      What??? My husband wants and could tear his head off . . . . . etc. ?????

      What are you trying to say here? Your sentence doesn’t even make any sense.

      • Kerri Desmarais

        She’s saying that her husband wants to (and could) tear the doctor’s head off. The doctor knew preemies are delicate and still tried to pull the baby out.

        Hope that helps!

        • Donna Farrell Seguin

          LOL, okay I get it. People don’t speak proper English on the internet and never correct spelling errors or grammar. It’s terrible what people post. I thought “it premieres?” what the hell does that mean a new movie coming out?

          • adub

            it’s called autocorrect?

          • Donna Farrell Seguin

            You are asking me a question?

          • adub

            No I’m letting you know about this great invention that sometimes automatically corrects a misspelled word into an irrelevant one.

          • Donna Farrell Seguin

            If you are just making a statement and not asking a question then you do not put in a question mark unless of course you were trying to be sarcastic. I’m not trying to piss anyone off and I’m not trying to pretend to be perfect or the “English Cop” because everyone makes the occasional typo. I’m just frustrated because it really bothers me lately how many obvious spelling and grammatical errors people make on the internet. A few here and there are acceptable of course, I’m not trying to pick on every little thing people write. Small errors here and there are fine if you know what they intended to say and you don’t have any problem understanding what they wrote. It’s the huge typos and the numerous mistakes and key words spelled really bad or replaced with a word not even close to what it was supposed to say. So many people write so fast and don’t care that it sounds like garbage that nobody can understand. They are too lazy to take a couple of seconds to go back and fix their mistakes. Of course everyone can let a few mistakes slip through without noticing but there is no excuse when you have spell check underlining the errors in red!

            Correct me if I’m wrong but it sounds like to me that you assume I don’t know what “auto correct” is but I’m not convinced that you actually know how it works. You are trying to make up an excuse why people have words in their document that do not belong there. You are making it sound like auto correct places a word in your document automatically and it is instantly entered and you have no control over what was just typed and submitted and you cannot go back and delete it and replace it with another word. LOL
            You’re right, it does automatically suggest a word that potentially may fit but it doesn’t enter it unless you command it to. The writer has to hit enter for the word to be placed in your document. You didn’t know you have a choice whether to place that word in or not? Try it and you’ll see that the computer won’t enter any words unless you want it to. Hope this was helpful to you. You learn something new every day!

          • adub

            So sad what happened to this poor family and their baby. Truck off Donna.

  • ReecesQueen

    His arrogant behind didn’t care, wouldn’t listen to the patient, didn’t even look up her prenatal history. And to try and cover it up. He needs to to jail for murder and lose is medical license. Low down dirty dog.

  • Letha Litton

    I pray for justice for this family..I pray he loses his dr license and everyone else involved and they are charged with murder..no one should ever have to go thru this we are suppose to trust our drs and not worry about them murdering a loved one..that poor baby..may he rest in peace..

  • Guest

    I completely agree Savannah, that’s some seriously messed up stuff. Complete mishandling of the baby, and instead of pinning it as an accident/error, he commits one of the most savage actions I’ve heard of in awhile. Deepest condolences to this family.

  • Savannah

    This is the sickest thing I’ve ever read in my life. He should be sent to prison.

    • guavass

      we’ll, i just read about how the pilgrims used slice pregnant Native American women up into junks of meat just for fun. They would then sell unborn baby and mom body parts as dog food.

      • A. Noid

        Exactly how does that relate to this discussion?

        • Donna Farrell Seguin


      • Dana Carpenter Jr.

        Pilgrims? You know not everyone that came on that ship was a Pilgrim, right? Go study some history! And how that applies here…??????