Nicki Minaj Files 10M Lawsuit Against Remy Ma for Using Her Voice...

Nicki Minaj Files 10M Lawsuit Against Remy Ma for Using Her Voice in Diss Song on ITunes


“It’s ok for a bitch to use my voice on a FREE mixtape but you gonna sell a single on iTunes dissing me and use my voice? Nah Bitch I need a check run that!”

Said nicki Minaj from her lawyers office as she filed a defamation suit against Remy Ma for accusing her of sleeping with several people and using her voice in a Diss song that is currently numbed 1 on iTunes.

“This shemale talked about my brother and said I f*cked the whole industry and issalie and everyone she said I slept with has confirmed so I will see you in court you manly sounding bitch” — Nicki Minaj

Remy Ma received the lawsuit papers while chilling in her mansion with husband papoose and released a statement:

As you can see this is how playing poker online works if you are playing poker in a poker room such as this or

“I just exposed this ho and now she wants to sue, what a weak ho but I will see her in court and oh yea I’m shooting a video for Shether and I need a fake Barbie nicki look alike DM me” — Remy Ma

  • Val Keeney

    Remy Pa oh snap i mean ma need too do something to get some fame because she played out but actually I never remember her being in. Her and her girl ali look like a couple mean bitche

  • Shawn New

    Nicki didnt start shit. Remy delusional. She wanted to be relevant and this is a good way to do it!!!

  • lym

    “WE DON’T TALK TO POLICE” in my Scarface voice!!!

  • Michelle

    Some of y’all dick riding Remy hard af typing like you know this bitch in real life when you don’t know shit about neither one of them besides what you get or see or heard on the internet and while y’all typing about how much shit Nicki talked what rapper DOESN’T talk shit and claim to be the greatest at some point ?y’all need to stop it ???

  • Natasha Alicia

    Seriously!!!??? Nicki can now officially retire from the “rap” game and become an actress or some shit, cause she broke the hip hop code. She DONE.

  • Ana Elisa Amore

    This site had a lot of really trashy articles that seem to portray our brothers and sisters in a really negative light. Fuck this site.

  • AmberGW

    oh puuhhlleeeezze, they both need to grow the hell up, ffs…this shit is so petty

  • Dawn ImperfectFavor Kennedy

    The first Ive heard of anyone filing a deformation lawsuit about a Diss track! Nikki Pikki is showing herself up. She cant come with her own lyrics to clap back so this is how she snaps back!!!!


    Naaah Nicki a scary bitch, man she bussin “bitch” moves, like this is definitely going down in history of rap, as the weakest industry hoe in the rap game! L’zzzzz all day!

    • lady gg


  • Marc Pleau

    Remy stepped outta bounds with some infringement shit right there…Remy Man, need to be checked…and be Cuttin a cheque to Nicki.

    • Derrick Blackwell

      If Nicky is claiming hip hop cred then legality has NOTHING to do with diss tracks, you must EARN your respect
      in hip hop and leave your money at the door. If Remy made money off it,
      fine, donate or split the money. Don’t come with some BS “run my check”
      lawsuit. If this lawsuit is true then Niki’s career is done. True hip hop won’t allow it.

      • Alexa Figueroa

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!!… these MILLENNIALS know nothing about HH… be calling pop singers rapperssss… god please send Biggie and 2 Pack back!!!

  • daddigyrl


  • Cristal Lewis

    Its nothing personal its business. Then she can get her for threaten her on social media talking about putting her in a cofin. Hell nah… Bitch got blood in her eyes. Be careful Nicki Haten bitches are tretuous.

  • Marion Elizabeth Joyce

    People will believe and speak on anything without verifying it first.

  • Drew Davis

    Everyone mad at Nicki for that but beef is beef and she played the art of war on Remy and that’s how that go …..ain’t like she tried to have her arrested

  • Tiffani Martin

    ok kim take the bitch to court for stealing your image

  • Shy Parker

    But, nikki called out remy ma name on a song? So what she on?

  • ghost of biggie

    nicki is actually smart she never said her name in any of her subs but remy put her rap name , gov name she is actually a candidate for a law suit for defamation of character because of that nicki fell back cus she didn’t get where she’s at being dumb she is very calculated why you calling her a sucker and a snitch she is hitting remy where it truly will always hurt THE POCKETS. black people call you names beat you up and defame your character, white people lawyer up and hit you in the pockets where it truly can bring your more grief than any diss could ever bring nicki will get over you calling her a punk sucker or what ever so say what you may but what hurts worse name calling or pocket draining you be the judge lol..

    • Michael Akande

      reality cheque right there man!

    • Derrick Blackwell

      If this lawsuit is true Nicki may get paid, but this is a career ending move for her. If she can’t live by the code then she has no place in hip hop, all cred lost.

      • lady gg

        U dreaming!
        Remy’s career will be over waay b4 Nicki. Besides if Nicki decides to ever leave the business she can fall back on her degrees, she’s very educated or haven’t u heard?
        What about Remy? 😂😂😂🚔

    • lady gg


  • Jae Bee

    Amybody say nicki is right obviously dont understand hip hop beef. Its no hold barred… Nicki weak af for this fr… Mad cus remy used her words against her

    • Derrick Blackwell


  • Quintin Martin

    Yes nicki sue dat n get dat money fo real you’re the reason she is getting it .

  • HipHop_Love

    did nicki just announce a defamation lawsuit by calling Remy a Shemale. Isn’t that lieing on someone’s private parts and using it to bring her down. But the voice part, she got something there. Guess Minaj can’t pass the bars challenge so she ran to someone who passed their bar exams.

  • Dominique Beach

    I’m disappointed in some of yall. Like really. Remy or Nicki don’t know yall bitches. Aye but frfr Remy net worth finna be in the negative lbs

  • JohnPaul

    Are black people really this sad and pathetic? 2 supposedly adult women are acting like gutter trash and the black community is encouraging this mess. Yet wonder why other races think we are less than. unbelievable.

    • blizzys mom

      Shut your dumb ass up. It has nothing to do with the way black women carry themselves. This is about Rap.. In rap there are battles ALL white, black, man or wonan. Nicki is a bully who got punked. What happened to the Nicki that a bullying Mariah and Miley???? And as far as her lawsuit she may have a claim. As far as her credibility as an MC #done..

      • lady gg

        Nicki’s never done.
        Remy is the punk who’s getting sued with her chilldish azz always making live videos of her idol.

  • Dominic Lex Lindsey

    Nicki needs to be BANNED from the rap industry period!!!! She dont wanna be part of it, but its ok for Nicki to bully Miley Cyrus at the awards??? LMAO.. GTFOH.

  • Andre No Heartatall Burns

    You Nikki fans are delusional, this is suppose to be a “rap beef” not a “I don’t have anything to rap about so I involve the law beef” Nikki is super lame for this move no matter how “smart” it seems and to me anybody that supports this weak b*tch move probably had kool-aid running through their system anyway.

    • HipHop_Love

      Guess nicki can’t pass the bar test so she hired someone who passed their bar exams

      • Falon Clarke-Anderson


    • Derrick Blackwell

      Truth! If this lawsuit is real then all cred lost and her career is done as a hip hop artist.

      • lady gg

        Career over?😂😂😂😂

        • Derrick Blackwell

          As a Hip Hop artist yes, her cred is lost and that she will never get back. She’ll never be treated as a real rapper and you’ll see the impact of that over the next few years. The hip hop community never forgets.. She’ll only survive as a Pop artist for all the young millennial’s who don’t know true hip hop.

          • lady gg

            Who cares about credits Nicki’s $’s screams volumes. As far as Remy instead of making a hit diss track for iTunes make a HIT song for the billboards.
            We’ll wait….Remy no chaser.

          • Derrick Blackwell

            Cred means everything in Hip Hop.. it’s only millennial’s that don’t understand that. Money and cred are not in the same category. Nicki can talk about money all she wants but she knows cred is something $$ can’t buy and she knows she can never claim the queen of hip hop title without it. Nicki’s just a pop star now and that’s something she’ll have to live with. Dating Nas won’t do anything to help that.

  • Brenda Hayden Grandmother

    That’s right Niki keep that bum bitch on probation

  • Kimberlee Payton Jones

    It says that she is suing for defamation, not copyright violation. Remy’s use of her voice probably falls under the fair use exception because she’s making fun of Niki Minaj. That’s how diss records are all able to use each other’s beats, lyrics, etc.

    • Manny Tarran

      Defamation-the act of damaging the good reputation of someone…that remy did

      • Dominic Lex Lindsey

        It must be a lie tho. If it an be proven it doesnt meet the requirement. Is Remy said Nicki was doing sex parties and she wasnt, that would be defamation. She has to have receipts.

        • HipHop_Love

          nicki announced the lawsuit calling Remy a Shemale? is that the same thing, lying on someones private parts in order to bring them down publicly.

  • Sophia Goodridge

    Nicki is a genius lol Remy pay up its all far in love and war!!??❤

    • Dominic Lex Lindsey


  • Josette Ju

    If Remy has proof Nikki’s in trouble. Remy can call each one of those men to court to testify. Lol

    • refslady

      Testify about what? The subject of the lawsuit is that Remy used Nikki’s voice on her recording; the guys are irrelevant to this. This is the same thing as the lawsuit against Beyonce for using someone’s voice on Formation without paying or giving credit.

      • Deryck Can’tgetrite Wilkins

        Reading is fundamental…the article clearly states, “…she filed a DEFAMATION lawsuit against Remy Ma for ACCUSING HER OF SLEEPING WITH SEVERAL PEOPLE and using her voice in a diss song…”


        • refslady

          Unless she’s claiming virginity, sleeping with several people isn’t defamation. She has to prove that saying she slept with the people is 1) untrue, and 2) damaging to her status and reputation.

      • Prezident Monstar Dukatti

        The article clearly stated defamation. Do you comprehend or just spout off without being correct?

      • Andre No Heartatall Burns

        Nikki also claimed defamation of character so if Remy has proof she really is up a creek without a paddle.

        • Manny Tarran

          Ummm nope whether it true or not remy didn’t have the right to publicly put nicking minajas personal private business out even if she had proof or not she didn’t have nicking permission…it’s all with the law

          • k Lowe

            You are wrong. You can say anything you want about anyone. You think it is against the law to tell someone’s business? Lol. So the inly chance she has is if she proves remmy new the statements were false. And remy can say it was just a songnot meant to be taken as truth.

    • Matthew Tarnapolsky

      Ibro, and trey songs already admitted it wasn’t true

  • Charmel Adams

    this is so sad and immature it’s usually just the guys acting like 15 year olds now the ladies have to get in on it .. and these are the people that alot of our kids idolize.. HOW SAD GROW THE HELL UP ..

  • Jerry Cruz

    All you niggas talk all that shit,But if someone was making big $$$$ with your voices and none of you getting paid,You MF would be running to the first lawyer to get some of that loot.

    • Themad Scientist

      thats what broke people do, you say that like biggie and tupac jay-z and nas aint drop names. new 90s babies bitch made “yea nikki go to the police” lmao

    • daddigyrl

      This shyt is beyond money. .

    • Valor Univ

      THATS NOT HOW HIP HOP WORKS…. but then again nicki was never hip hop to begin with. How about Nicki come back and diss her back. Thats how its suppose to work but Nicki got exposed to the phonies. We knew Nicki had no bars and was a ho.

      • lady gg

        Says who, u?
        It’s suppose work just how it worked out, that’s right Nicki sue that azz and get Mo Money.
        Remy gon learn today that Nicki is very intelligent w/degrees. So keep grabbing our crotch ntil u come up with something else.

        • Valor Univ

          the entire culture says she isnt hip-hop. she is a pop artist.

    • Preston Cunningham

      Your the one who really said something I do music I wouldn’t let a bitch that’s nothing more than mixtape get a dime off me I would sued da bitch and shot a video dissing her while I did it not to mention Nikki career always good she d mainstream queen remy has not had a hit that didn’t have Joe on it well never in years of the industry she couldn’t accomplish and with a major deal I might add what Nikki did debuting she can send all the shots she want the crown bullet proof need some new stronger ammo have pappose diss her maybe then she’ll win

  • Stizzo

    Nicki is playing chess while remy playing checkers lol ? It’s called big bank takes little bank.

    • HipHop_Love

      It’s called a black woman using tactics that white execs use to keep black americans in their place to bring down another black woman. Guess nicki can’t pass the bar test so she hired someone who passed their bar exams…lol…she ghostwriting the situation the way a rich white man would…if turning on your own is applauded, go nicki!!!

    • daddigyrl

      It’s called scary hoe..

      • Stizzo

        It’s called infringement and people get sued for it every day. People act like if someone sampled one of your tracks without permission you wouldn’t do the same thing lol knock it off ignorance is a big word for lack of knowledge. Learn the rules before playing the game it will help you in the long run. I don’t listen to neither one of them I just call it how I see it.

    • T.N9N3 Editz

      Its call a real mc vs a pop star

  • Aalijah Janae

    Wow. So Nicki starts some shit with Remy first and then run to the law when Remy shoot back …scary was. You the queen of rap but can’t finish your own battle; some shit you started. && to take it to the law and be so bothered tells me those words Remy spit had truth to em.

    • Colleen M Walton

      Ikr took the words right out my mouth ?

    • Kitora Love


    • Raven

      Not exactly. Remy has been throwing shots at nicki since she got out of prison. Nicki finally got tired of it and retaliated on the Gucci Mane track. and THEN Remy released the diss track.

      • Themad Scientist

        wrong, you new to this whole thing, before nikki got the republic (through lil kim hook up) deal long before birdman she was known for being in a stairwell in queens dissing remy ma, she literally MADE a name for herself dissing remy FIRST. Remy goes to jail nikki blows up now she wanna say free remy then sneak diss when she get out. this shit old as fuck for real

        • boss_mannn


        • Michelle

          how you know where you there or are you basing this off of shit you seen & heard on the internet PROVE IT I don’t mean no screenshots from some shit from the internet ?

      • daddigyrl

        Victim huh!? Lol.smh

      • boss_mannn

        @raven thats so not true.. nicki the one thats been throwing jabs at remy before and after she been out. The song with gucci she just got more bold and #remy got fed up with the side talk so she got #RealHipHop on Nicki “no bars” having azz..

      • diamond21

        That’s What I Said

    • Flex Deon

      I guess you missed the point of the law suit.

    • Iole Mamona

      Black on Black crime. Lol

    • Michelle

      blah blah blah ?

    • lady gg

      Do some more fact checking stupid if u think Nicki started.
      Get your money Nicki
      Mo Money that is.

  • maccellthe1

    Guess all dem numbers talk got her talkn to da law, is dat the best come bacc droopy minaj got? Dem radio songs on rotation an fans fallin off by the day

    • boss_mannn

      coked head lil punk azz fans she has.. None her music sounds advanced.. kid music

  • Tequitia Copeland

    Nicki not shit she talk all that hood shit and run to the white man for help..the bitch is a lame ass pussy eating scared as hoe..

    • Almighty Kush

      No she just the queen of petty lmaooo……

      • Diniech Garvin

        And that’s how you do that!??? straight set up ✌✌

      • Manny Tarran

        She just right …instead of using my energy talking on a track about yo manly looking baby bound ad so could sit back and wait on you to out it on iTunes and sue you for every cent u get off of it…and I don’t even have to waste my voice…my bitch nicki is smart asf

        • daddigyrl

          Scary ass hoe.

          • lady gg

            What she scared of?
            Nicki knows all kinds of martial arts and she’s a 3rd degree black belt..come better.
            Bigger they are the harder they fall.

        • Valor Univ

          if she was smart she would know whats the definition of “fair use” in songs. And thats what that is.

          • lady gg


    • Jo Jayno

      Um.. Thts actually brilliant. Thts the real dis pay me.

  • Jocelyn

    ??? can’t wait to see what happens ?

    • boss_mannn

      she aint getting shyt from dat diss if the judge know hip hop… lol.. the judge looking at nicki like, “wheres your bars bitch?” ???

      • Falon Clarke-Anderson


  • Tina Weber-Perkins


    • Bonas Calodji


    • T.N9N3 Editz

      Looking like that you are no place to call anyone ugly, what coz your light skin you think your hot? bitch please

      • Tina Weber-Perkins


    • Valor Univ

      remy has a better body than Nicki’s ugly ass…. and you shouldnt be the one to talk at all!!!