Nicki Minaj just revealed to the World that Future has been Blowing...

Nicki Minaj just revealed to the World that Future has been Blowing her back Out for Months


“I been hitting that but Meek ain’t know, guess he know now, it’s Mr. Steal yo Hoe aka Future F*ckin Yo B*tch”

Said Future on the set of him and Nicki Minaj’s new video.

The secret couple have been together for weeks and Nicki may be pregnant with baby future. He stole her from Meek because apparently he wasn’t hittin it right.

Future has a song on his album called Draco in which he is taking about meek in the chorus on how he will never get his bitch back. This has been known to many including drake who posted it on his Instagram saying he was playing Draco a million times. Clearly letting meek know nicki is long gone and he may never get her back?

“Meek is a lame just like Safari I needed a REAL street N*gga to really beat this p*ssy up and Meek was just my boy toy, Future got that Dope D*ck and I’m addicted” — Nicki Minaj

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  • Marcia Robertson

    But why are you letting him call you a hoe? Nicky,check that nigga!You are to me the baddest female rapper,rappin today.Get it together.

  • Da1

    Lies…that video didn’t say any of that.

  • Emperor_Jagi

    future out here impregnating every one. First ciara, now nicki. Lol who’s next

  • Keyana Cook

    She sound like a dirty juvenile hoe. Why tell the world about your sex life? Wasn’t Cierra a close friend of hers and that is her baby father? She just let the world know she is untrustworthy, a cheater, backstabbing hoe. She need to deal with remy ma.

  • Victor Aldridge Place Suggs

    How the F*ck can he be happy about taking a n*gga b*tch who has a** shots? Like, I just don’t understand

  • Jimmory Wilson Smith

    that’s what’s up nicki

  • Sack Chasers

    Well Since My Data Is Completely Gone And I Can’t See Shit Unless It’s In The Toilet I Don’t Believe This