Woman Claims She Has the Best P*ssy in the World and No...

Woman Claims She Has the Best P*ssy in the World and No Man Can Handle it


“This P*ssy is so good if you threw it up in the air, it would turn into sunshine”

Said Quanesha Parker on her instagram page and was bombarded with comments from followers.

Quanesha posted on her instagram that she has the best p*ssy on the planet but after looking at her photos her followers did not seem to agree.

“Anybody who think I’m lying about this p*ssy come see me and find out for yourself why my p*ssy is so fire”

Let us know in the comments is Quanesha lying or telling the truth?

  • Wanagi Hmu Oyate

    I try to taste everything once. When can we meet?

    • Ant Jack

      Its only worth a two minute thril regardless of what woman it is When God made woman he said it was good did he take her for a test drive before he let Adam have her .

  • Lay’Di Cleopatra

    What does how she look have to do with her pussy?

  • Larry TrueMan

    With a claim like that, where’s her Maybach?

  • Redgie13

    Where’s the pics of this funny looking MF at?

  • Vincent Riggins

    If it was that good she wouldn’t have timeto tell anybody. IJS

  • Michelle San Angelo

    Of course its fire. She been burning guys since the age of 12 with it.