Iggy Azaela “Get Over Yourself N**** I’m Killin Rappers Like Ferguson”

Iggy Azaela “Get Over Yourself N**** I’m Killin Rappers Like Ferguson”



Iggy Azalea is no stranger to making inappropriate tweets. Some of which have even been called racist by critics in the past. However, if anyone ever had any doubts whether or not Iggy Azalea was a race hater, Iggy went and confirmed it for them with various disturbing tweets after being criticized for not supporting the protestors in Ferguson and New York City. Also, several reports have been released stating that Azalea is “from Australia” and that Australia is “crazy racist.”

“I don’t know what you were thanking, I’m Australian,” she tweeted. She followed that tweet with “curse I am. My people were the rapists and murderers Britain didn’t want,” and “you expect an Ozzie to be respectful we had a law not to feed the black folks.”  “When black people started getting all hungry for rights,  we just rifled therm.”

Several other tweets followed such as, “we wouldn’t allow anybody but whites in Queensland” and “we took mixed chilrdren from they parents.”

Then, she hit everyone with the shocker.


However, black leaders along with civil rights activists in general, while not surprised to hear that a blond-haired Australian girl is also a racist, were surprised that so many people support her music career, follow her on twitter, and even look to hear her opinions on racial matters.


  • CaptainMurphy

    ughhhh what a disgusting person

  • It’s me

    This website is hilarious why do they make up stories

  • Shawn Soup

    People actually believe these stories? Stupidity is at an all time high.

  • fan mail

    She is white and doesn’t have permission to use the N word. does she call her black boyfriend the N word? she’s another lip singing Milli Vanilli act. I hope the talentless hooker’s record sales fall dramatically. Eminem hates her and so does Snoop Dogg

  • Robert

    I told yall that ugly big nose bitch was a racist!