Michael Jordan Lowering Price to 19.99 On All Jordan’s in 2017

Michael Jordan Lowering Price to 19.99 On All Jordan’s in 2017



“I’m just tired of people paying for the illusion that more expensive means better, when in reality my shoes cost $5 to make”

Said basketball great Michael Jordan on why he is lowering the price on his super popular Air Jordan brand sneakers.

MJ is sick and tired of blacks killing blacks over his high priced shoes. He wants to set a precedent by showing people that spending more money on something exclusive doesn’t make you special it just makes you a fool with money. Michael Jordan feels bad for all these young black males with these large Jordan shoe collections but they don’t have one red cent invested in Jordan or Nike Stock and he would like to save them from themselves. He will make the transition in lowering the prices nationwide slowly over the course of the next couple years to deter any backlash in the black community.

“I think he smokin crack, you know how much money I spent on my Jordan collection?, I buy these to be a star in my hood, everywhere I go they call me Young Retro, if he make em cheap like them starbury’s I’m taking my shoe collection talents to Lebron”

said disgruntled Jordan collector Malik “Young Retro” Wilburn.
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We will have to wait and see how this change will effect the crime rate in the black community as well as MJ’s pockets.

Although Jordans approach is awesome. The problem is most people want Jordans so they can fulfill what’s lacking in their life like praise, self esteem, acceptance, and so forth. Those kids need to grow up and stop collecting shoes and start collecting stocks, bonds, & other investments. — GodKing

  • Visceron

    Anybody notice that the people commenting on this thread make the perfect target customer for these shoe’s at their retail price already?

  • Joseph Leon

    Thats what said. Yeaahhh right. If he makes a 20 shoe its gonna be a certain type n they gonna sell em at k mart

  • Chris Dunn

    Yea right

  • David B Hobby

    I know in the hood for males what a black or white or any color having the best means pussy. If she see you with expensive item you must have more money behind it .

  • David B Hobby

    If Michael Jordan lower his sneaker price I’ll still buy them because I’m a Jordan fan.

  • Rick J. Alvarado III

    Now the price matches how ugly the shoes are.

  • Louise Lipkin Cutler

    I would never pay 200.00 for a pair of sneakers. I am not a rich white person. Racist.

  • Juan Guajardo

    This is b.s. it would affect his payroll drastically.

  • Wilwon

    I’m calling BS!

  • Ann

    Real noble and humble. This piece of garbage waits decades later to take the moral high ground. So he takes advantage of the public for decades and during politically correct 2017 decides to finally have morals. Better late than never I guess. I don’t know how half the planet sleeps at night.

  • Rosario Ross Cracchiolo

    if jordan is gonna sell them for a twin ima have a different pair for every day of the week and ima laugh my ___ off at dem fools

  • Aj

    No matter the cost (unless over $200) or who made them, I am going to buy them. If I like the shoes and I have the money, then why not? Now I am NOT a collector and I don’t buy every shoe just to have it. I buy what I think is nice and what I would like to wear. If they are $50 or $5, I DO NOT CARE. If I like it, then I like it. That goes for any shoe or brand. Usually the cheaper it is, the more distasteful, for me at least. REMEMBER I DID SAY USUALLY!!! Meaning sometimes I do see really nice shoes very cheap.

  • Ty Nunya

    First of all, it’s not a real story. It costs Nike more than five dollars just to manufacture the shoe box and the laces; nevermind the astronomical costs associated with shipping said shoes all over the world from Asia. Secondly, if Michael Jordan was really concerned with ruining young lives, maybe he should start with the six-year-old kids who are getting their hands chopped off and sewn to pieces of leather in Nike’s sweatshops in China where his shoes are manufactured. Lastly, coming from someone who collects shoes AND has a healthy stock portfolio, I buy many of my Jordans in order to resell them. My extensive Jordan collection did not cost me a dime, and in fact, I actually get paid to collect shoes. In fact, I wouldn’t have a stock portfolio to begin with if I hadn’t started collecting (and selling) Jordans first.

    Sure, It would be great if everybody bought stocks instead of stupid junk they don’t need…but the fact of the matter is, if Jordans really were 20 bucks, people who are dumb with money are still going to blow it on something else. Fact. So you might as well be the dude ready to collect all the money that’s getting wasted, rather than decide to take yourself out of the game altogether, simply out of the goodness of your heart. And trust me, Michael Jordan knows this far better than most.

  • mmister727

    😀 😀 😀 doesn’t matter I’m going to buy those too 😀

  • Mohmmed Khan

    1st killing for shoes is stupid 2nd Malik can go f him self 3rd 19.99 if it happens its not going to last

  • Keith Chestnut

    It’s a waste of time to be upset about overpriced shows. They aren’t that expensive to make and also Nike and Jordan are separated brands now. Jordan distribution centers are all over the world one of the major ones is in Memphis. Nike is a major stock and share holder with Jordan still. Jordan bought his shoe out from Nike some years back. This wouldn’t make him a dog scandal or scam artist. These places company’s or organization have to make there money as well. And as a sell tatic you start high then go low. Meaning you make all profit once you have made capital you can either go up or down. On your priced merchandise when it was originated it was for the people who can afford it. As times got harder financially people started to complain. Murdering killing hurting people for shoes and to be honest it was the rich coming to rob the poor most of the time. Trust me I grew up in Duval County in the hood. This was just problematic because of ignorance. Yes we all wanted or had a Jordan collection. And having expensive things was the epitome of life. But you really believe it matters. Half of y’all don’t even care about this post because it’s against y’all behavior of high calamity. But truly you should understand that if it is lowered it not going to change a thing. Shaq sells his shows for the low and still his brand is one of the highest paid. Believe this once or if this ever happens he still going to make his money and Nike is still going to get there’s.

  • Rolleth

    Fake…Nike makes the prices

  • Dawn Marchesani

    The silhouette of Michael Jordan served as inspiration to create the “Jumpman” logo.
    Product type Footwear, Clothing
    Owner Nike, Inc.
    Country United States
    Introduced 1984; 32 years ago [a]
    Nike owns the shoes Jordan endorses them.

  • Shameeka Malone

    Young retro is a perfect example of that ingnorant hood shit you sound stupid as fuk and bron brons anit as poppin as jordan still young retro is the the type of fool who buy sneaker just to smell them lols foolish mortal its a damn sneaker da fuk

  • Rahman Hairston

    Malik Wilburn you dumb as hell

  • William

    No retros 1 design maybe a couple color ways… And Nike owns Jordan

  • William

    They will probably make 1 pair that will sell for 20$

  • Big-b Vance

    @kid@KID_ANDROID:disqus you right that guy is a complete idiot!! if collecting and buying shoes makes you a star in your hood ,,,then obviously you dont have anything with any real value in your life …ijs

  • http://www.facebook.com/STEELMANIAC Wes Lee

    I know Mr. Jordan. This is false. Just like 90% of everything else on the internet.

  • MsLady Lifestyle

    Drop it down the garbage is the best thing he can do… Killing his own customers, then jailing them after racial profiling bc of his darn sneakers… Cry Me A River!!!

  • Sharon Wheeler

    good, bought a pair for my grandson for basketball…within 3 months i noticed he stopped wearing them…then he put them on and walked…squeek squeek squeek…i was pissed…

  • Michael Marr

    My client got life without parole for a killing over some Jordans.

  • joffy

    Mike doesn’t set the price! Nike does!

    • Nemohaters Pridgen

      Wat does Nike have to do with this

      • joffy

        Nike is the manufacturer of his sneakers and who he has the endorsement with! That’s what they have to do with it!

        • Foolieoo Powel

          No Nike is not Jordan make his own shoe now he brought out nike stupid

          • David Lewis

            No the hell he didnt. Nike is still over AJ. stooopid. Look the shit up.

          • Corey Pain

            WRONG! Jordan is a brand all its own under the Nike Umbrella. All they do is distribute the shoes and collect profit, the Jordan brand and fucked up sales tactics are all the brainchild of the Jordan franchise. This guy is a majority owner of an NBA team, which is run by a group of scumbag old rich guys! Im pretty sure he can handle Nike without a problem!

          • Luckie Onasis

            Lol, you don’t know nike owns jordan brand? Lol, wow. If jordan owned jordans, you think he would only be worth 800 million-1 billion? Why you think jordan owns jordans? Cause his name on it? Lmao, and you said that with such confidence and conviction. Lol, I needed this laugh

          • Eric OvoGang Watkins

            Nike existed before he made it to the Nba and before his first shoe even came out you cant endorse a shoe yourself without signing to a shoe company thats the same you can say about other player who has own shoe the only make his base off previous models into one after year after they did that until he left

      • Luckie Onasis

        Wow, you didnt know nike owns jordans? Lol, how old are you 9???

    • Corey Pain

      Jordan and Nike are separate brands, Nike only handles distribution

      • Rahman Hairston



    Mafaka says he’s taking his shoe collecting talents to LeBron, LMFAO Collecting shoes aint a fucking talent FFS kid. Jordan right about these shoes collectors being dumb, I mean dude thinks he’s talented for buying something…. Like WOAH man you totally out bought that dude, your so talented… SMH holy ish these ppl are F-ing stupid. Jordan don’t think they’re smart enough to handle stocks and bonds if they think purchasing footwear is a damn talent. These youth need to get they damn minds right, they out here looking dumb as F.

    • steveDAtruth

      Im weak bro true sad story

    • Derrick Anthony Bonar

      you know this story isn’t real right? haha

  • Kai

    If true …many won’t like this,and will probably stop buying them.. For some reason many of our black folks like over priced sh^t so that they can brag about how much they paid for it,and feel that owning it somehow makes them better, more accepted..desirable.The sneakers have always been overpriced! Jordan knew this but many of you were crazy enough to run out and pay the asking price..even standing online overnight to get them..so naturally he reaped the benefits..He’s made hundreds of millions I’m sure off these sneakers alone..

    • marcus

      You make it sound like onlly a black person would do that ive seen many white boys do that

      • steve

        true and hispanics as well, everyone buys them therefore whoever is buying them really doesnt have a brain

  • Dorian Madden

    lol if the shoes went that low no one would buy them because they have no cost value

  • Chaney Wade

    Y’all stop blaming mike for the crimes he makes the shoes not pull the trigger we are our own enemy

  • Delshawn Rowell

    Don’t believe this dumb shit Michael Jordan don’t have any control or say so over the prices


      Why not Shaq has a say over prices of his shoes and he did this very thing so Jordan could easily follow Shaq and do the same thing

      • Kjjkema

        And no one wears Shaq’s shoes lol.

    • Dabul Jay

      Um Jordan is its own brand. Nike used to own them but not anymore, they only have the rights to certain ones, but the majority belongs to mj. This could be a accurate post

  • lonebear

    This has got to be BS but if it were true that would make him the biggest dog in history. Why? Because all these years he would have spent overcharging people and watching people die over his BS shoes when he could have changed it to start with.

    • Matt Milligan

      It’s true that they are that cheap to make because they aren’t made in the U.S.

  • Deuce Prez

    This article is as real as a 3 dollar bill…..in US currency…..!!


  • realrap9

    This article was created by some poor jealous bitter white person, tons of white and Hispanic kids have just as many Jordan brand shoes and have done foolish things to get them. Racism is so ignorant

    • Ann

      I’ve literally NEVER heard of a white boy killing anyone over a pair of damn shoes. But I have heard 100’s of stories about black kids killing each other over Jordan’s, starter jackets back in the day, rims and all kinds of shit. Quit using racism as a defense mechanism for your embarrassment. It’s reality.

      • Kaya JJ

        Fact check: Hundreds of stories, really? Hundreds? Flag on the play for stretching.

      • Zachary Stone

        Starter jackets? Isn’t that like Wal-Mart tier?

  • LaCresha Lawson

    Fuck you. Too many have died already. You are a coon. Always.

  • Peb

    lmfao@the people thinking and commenting on this like its real.

  • Margie Smiley

    Is this article legit?

    • http://Chippedphotography.com Sir Stewart Wallace

      Not in the slightest.

  • Marrrrio_08

    That malik young retro guy is an idiot for wanting to pay more for his sneakers lol it makes me laugh how stupid and retarded some people are about shoes. They may have the latest Jordan’s but they be driving a crappyass car or living in section 8 homes. Did you not read what Jordan said? The shoe is going to stay the same, only thing that it’s changing is the price but nooo this Malik idiot person wants to pay more for his shoes lol. Then this Malik retard guy says if that happens he will start buying lebrons LEBRONS! Haha those are some ugly shoes I rather go for the kobes or even stephs. People like Malik should have never been born his dad should have worn a rubber cuz he’s a waste of skin just saying lol.

  • ??Banana Kelly Guerilla??

    It’s about damn time. That’s more than what they’re worth anyway. Jordan’s suck. Most pairs are fuccin uncomfortable to wear and don’t really look hot when you look at them. With the exception of the 9’s and the 6rings. And the worst part is that you cop thinkin you some flyboy and coming out the store you see 26 other people with the same shits you just spent a half a carnote on. Smh.

  • http://twitter.com/lenylando Lenylando

    This shit ain’t real

  • Deez_3zUp

    Wow. This is a strong move. The money we spend on meaningless materialistic ish is mind boggling. Dudes be grown still livin at home but got thousands in receipts for 100$+ sneakers they don’t wear anywhere but to walk the block. Can’t get in the club with them. Won’t put them on with a suit to do something respectable or high class. U should be at very least investing in urself. Saving for things that can work for u. Like a vehicle and eventually own some land and businesses.

  • JustBeingHonest

    If you have that money you buy it but ppl who steal are cheap not all blacks don’t kill each other what about the whites Hispanics Muslims killing each other over crazy bs .. Double standard

    • OfficerRicky #Persi$$$tThaPedo

      U actually believed this article